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ID 226277

[email protected]

Entrepreneur, iOS Software Engineer. Software architect for cloud services.

ID 471127

Ruben Schaffer

Web systems architect, who integrates stakeholders needs, constraints and risks with outstanding vision, strategic thinking, creativity and conflict resolution.

ID 352605

Edgar Parada

BlackBerry Developer Evangelist for the BlackBerry 10 Platform. Adobe Community Professional & founder of the User Group RIActive in Mexico City. In the last year Edgar was recognized as a BlackBerry Elite Developer, his principal strengths are in mobile

ID 363662

Pamela Vargas

COO of PawHub. Developer, Entrepreneur, Android Developer Beginner, Web Developer Sr

ID 400155

Alejandro Salanova

ID 397877

Dulce Ambrocio Alazañes

Data analysis passionate!

ID 247452

[email protected]

Founder and CEO of Prefixa. Entrepreneur and Scientist. 3D and machine vision expertise.

ID 478325

Jesus Jaquez Rueda

Entrepreneurial spirit, fast learner, adaptable. Love technology.

ID 82066

Alfredo Juarez

CEO of @cloudadmin-inc Passionate Software Developer and Serial Entrepreneur.

ID 112130

Jeduan Cornejo

Javascript developer

ID 515268

Angel Rueda

Founder Smart Bus • Worked at @grupo-salinas, @tr3sco • Studied at @instituto-politecnico-nacional

ID 386012

Edsel Serrano Montiel

Founder @zabvio-com Entrepreneur and Software Engineer with background (JavaEE, PHP)

ID 397254

Dario Peña

@nubity co-founder, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and geek.

ID 386795

Andrés Tello Abrego

Php? Mysql? Finances? what about

ID 176445

Angel Wingartz

CTO at Garage Coders/POP Contacts, Inc., Strong mobile and VoIP security background.

ID 99646

Cristian Castillo

I've gone from idea to millions of users a couple of times.

ID 273707

Hugo Hernández

ID 442043

Hugo Marin

Product Designer at Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-colombia

ID 665825

Antonio Uribe

Launched several games and apps for iOS and Android.

ID 773008

Dorian Herrera

Web and Mobile developer with 6+ years of experience. Worked on projects for companies like Ford, AMIPCI, Ernst & Young and Banamex

ID 388484

Juan Velasquez

ID 385899


Envío de mensajes de texto SMS masivos ideal para cobranza, notificaciones, publicidad, campañas políticas

ID 442300

Jose Alejandro Hernandez Rosales

Self-taught of heart and web developer

ID 326153

Josue Guillermo Araujo Mayorga

Currently working like System Administrator & Application Developer at Klink Mobile, Inc., Worked on Private & Public enterprises in México. FLOSS enthusiast & Specialist, Mentally restless, always seeking new knowledge and how to apply and transmit them.

ID 524015

Antonio Flores

Founder Cobra Online, S.A. de C.V. i love to create technology projects in many areas, my actual project is Sr.Pago a social commerce network

ID 474655

Francisco Esquivel

Experienced LAMP/Web Developer, creating ecommerce solutions and CMS platforms using different frameworks. Also I've made FB apps and responsive sites.

ID 795264

Ezequiel Gonzalez

Work in startups , abassi and infotec

ID 761162

Edgar Garcia

iOS developer, developer of Magic Fields (wordpress plugin). Worked at Freshout, Astrata, Blend

ID 656497

Erik Martinez Roqueñ

Consultor y arquitecto de software.

ID 515701

Jack Fiallos

Founder @qompit

ID 83585

Gabriel Kent least two good ideas before breakfast.

ID 220176

Alejandro Franco Rojas

Ing. Sistemas de la ESCOM del IPN, desarrollador de software apasionado, interesado en computo móvil,diseño interactivo,desarrollo web y toda nueva tecnología

ID 252685

Sinuhé Coronel S

CEO of Sharp Dynamics, actively helping startups with their initial kick. Software passionate with great knowledge of application development and lifecycle. I like pizza.

ID 322008

Adánowsky Galván González

ID 860388

Roberto García

ID 250900

Alejandro Pimentel

Alejandro has worked with Java related technologies for 11 years. experience using: javascript, python, groovy, Dojo, jQuery, Ext JS, SpringSource portfolio.

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