Mexico city Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Mexico city.

Meet 173 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Mexico city

ID 27341

Felipe Barousse


Businessman,Entrepreneur,Information Systems Architect,Author,Keynote Speaker,Radio Host,Media Producer,Investor,Engineer,Tech Evangelist,Philanthropist

ID 99646

Cristian Castillo

I've gone from idea to millions of users a couple of times.

ID 25433

Lluis Faus


CEO and Founder of @vlex, Gobal Legal Research Platform

ID 82066

Alfredo Juarez

CEO of @cloudadmin-inc Passionate Software Developer and Serial Entrepreneur.

ID 397254

Dario Peña

@nubity co-founder, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and geek.

ID 58292

Hector Cardenas

CEO & Founder of @conekta

ID 12643

Santiago Pinto

Investor Founder Motormax, @smowtion @bumeran • Worked at @sap, @bumeran-com • Investor @fnbox, @hunt-mobile-ads, @satellogic

ID 200581

Oz Garcia

Co-Founder POP Contacts, Phone+, and Chief Designer at Garage Coders

ID 314528

Olivier Scialom

Will get to this in a minute

ID 126136

Evaristo Babe

Co-founder at @sindelantalmx

ID 397877

Dulce Ambrocio Alazañes

Data analysis passionate!

ID 99930

Román Castillo

Marketer. Designer. Entrepreneur. Founder: (2M users), (300K visitors/day, 1M users, sold). Clients: Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Bristol, PepsiCo.

ID 221730

Angelika Blendstrup

Founding Partner & Entrepreneur Evangelist at SV LATAM Fund and ZFunction University Coach, Author, Storyteller, Pitch Training, Stanford, Singularity

ID 293409

Isaul Gomez Martinez

Founder & CEO @ Shopeando - International Marketing & Management @ University of Sussex; Worked @ Unilever, Bristol Myers, Mead Johnson, Smurfit Kappa & Mexican Customs

ID 115526

Juan Lopez Salaberry


Partner @500startups. Media entrepreneur, connector and advisor.

ID 178952

Josué Cámara Fernández

Founder @lastroom • Ruby Rock Star, HTML5 and Javascript

ID 307085

René Lomelí Ojeda

Startup Weekend local organizer, now part of the 500 family.

ID 112130

Jeduan Cornejo

Javascript developer

ID 425804

Israel Rey

Co-founder & CEO of Animalvitae. Biologist & Biochemist. Musician whenever time permits...

ID 385153

Ramon Escobar

Co Founder at @survmetrics @innventu. Marketing, Business development and project management experience.

ID 447920

Dharwin Aaron Perez Rodriguez

I'm student from UAEM (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico) in Administrative Computer Science. Big data, Project management

ID 301459

Bianca W. Loew

Founder and CEO of Life of Two, the maker of Twyxt, a mobile communication platform for couples. Previously founded and spearheaded the IAB in Mexico for 7 years developing the marketplace for online advertising.

ID 741000

Genaro Madrid

Founder Telómero • Studied at @unam-universidad-nacional-autonoma-de-mexico

ID 532759

Antonio Montero Orozco

CEO & Co-Founder @ Ex Creative Director @ Flock.

ID 293650

Javier Wasserman

I specialize in thinking. Web Developer. Geek. Love Nature. Freelance entrepreneur for 9 years, leadershiping teams in the digital marketing industry.

ID 442043

Hugo Marin

Product Designer at Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-colombia

ID 442062

Daniel Rojas

CEO of Rocket.La. The best startup to make optimal financial decisions in Latinamerica. Proud member of #500Strong family

ID 176445

Angel Wingartz

CTO at Garage Coders/POP Contacts, Inc., Strong mobile and VoIP security background.

ID 833586

Carl J. Kravetz

30 years creating engaging Latino communications. Founded two award-winning Hispanic ad agencies and world's largest Spanish-language digital health resource.

ID 329402

Abraham Cornejo

@hostspot co-founder ,startup creative, internationally awarded in publicity and design UVM Communications, Grupo W Digital Invaders

ID 91781

Oscar Rodriguez

Co-founder of, previous experience as management consultant and software developer. MBA/Computer Science degrees.

ID 352605

Edgar Parada

BlackBerry Developer Evangelist for the BlackBerry 10 Platform. Adobe Community Professional & founder of the User Group RIActive in Mexico City. In the last year Edgar was recognized as a BlackBerry Elite Developer, his principal strengths are in mobile

ID 539956

Servando Canales


Serial Entrepreneur, Founder @Intelihost, Co-Founder @coinbatch. Financial Innovation @GrupoSalinas. GSP14 @SingularityUniversity

ID 352062

María Fernanda Gándara

Knowledge Manager @naranyaventures | @draper-university | @world-economic-forum Global Shapers | @one-young-world | Global Dignity.

ID 214743

Joel Cano


Managing Partner at Disruptive Venture Partners

ID 368163

Salvador Kalifa


Husband. Proud father. Industrial Engineer at ITESM. Harvard MBA 2012. Worked at Xignux and Proeza. Founder bebe2go

ID 497926

Kate Hiscox


CEO @ Venzee. Serial entrepreneur with a passion for e-commerce. 6 startups, 4 exits, 1 fail. Left handed, loves football, high heels and salad cream on chips.

ID 400218

Leonardo Miron

Founder @crescendi, OmniTutor • Worked at @crowdfunder-mx, @united-nations

ID 397888

Tenoch González

Founder @balam, Entrepreneur interested in complex systems, A.I., Big Data, analytics, and video games. Worked at Deloite, and Bosch Rexorth A.G. at Germany.

ID 122361

Gabriela Sanchez

a DOer. Changing the life of latin woman.

ID 795400

Pierre Marin

Expert in IT Transformation, with a broad and strong expérience all over the world : Orange executive, Capgemini and GFI Informatique Executive Committee Member

ID 866713

Avtar Singh

ID 305293

Isaac Phillips

I work with brands, startups, enterprises, and telcos -- often focused on mobile media and digital intelligence.

ID 247452

[email protected]

Founder and CEO of Prefixa. Entrepreneur and Scientist. 3D and machine vision expertise.

ID 558446

Pablo Gonzalez Vargas

Background in e-commerce, marketing and media. Pablo founded EXA Radio and TV, one of the most popular media chains for youth in Latin America with 70 stations

ID 48664

Roberto Serrano N

Entrepreneur, business advisor, interested in startups

ID 791302

Leni Gonzalez

ID 447747

Penelope Carlier

Ex consultant in retail with a specialty in customer experience and store digitalization

ID 10699

Hugo Meana

Founder @doctorsim-com

ID 424426

Israel Gaytan

Worked at @walkmore • Studied at @unam-universidad-nacional-autonoma-de-mexico

ID 751560

Fernando Duran

ID 226277

[email protected]

Entrepreneur, iOS Software Engineer. Software architect for cloud services.

ID 307907

Ana Karen

Founder & CEO @epic-queen • Worked at @shoe-lovers, @itexico-llc @aivo @hipertextual • Studied at Tec de Monterrey • 500 Startups exalumni • UX/UI expert.

ID 343372

Gerardo Sordo F

My job is to reach my dreams | Mexican Entrepreneur | CEO & Founder BrandMe crowdmarketing | Global Entrepreneur Finalist GSEA 2012 | G20yea delegate

ID 65594

Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys


ID 418295

fernando oria

Sold and led projects with clients of many industries in local and global settings. Strong development of business relationships. Business development.

ID 403749

Stefan Bielski

Founder F.A.R.M.

ID 400155

Alejandro Salanova

ID 361556

Armando Monroy

Backend guy specialized in LAMP platform. Currently experimenting with Node.JS, MongoDB and Ember.js

ID 179643

Terry Woltman

Founder @bitcoinatm360 (Ignite Financing), adviser @coinbatch . Background in NetOps, project managment, budgeting, entrepreneurship.

ID 386488

Ulises Urban

Founder @cotiza-contrata • Studied at @universidad-nacional-autonoma-de-mexico

ID 581027

Rodrigo Valladares Linares

Founder @Sin Acqua, @osmoh2o • Working at @king-abdullah-university-of-science-and-technology-1 • Studying @tu-delft-netherlands

ID 363662

Pamela Vargas

COO of PawHub. Developer, Entrepreneur, Android Developer Beginner, Web Developer Sr

ID 324493

Rosalpina Wong RB

I studied political science. I love my country and im trying to make a difference

ID 151574

Eric Arturo Cordero Avila

Founder @lastroom

ID 326015

Oscar Gonsenheim

Founder and CEO at G O N T A G. Creators of the Luft LTS.

ID 471127

Ruben Schaffer

Web systems architect, who integrates stakeholders needs, constraints and risks with outstanding vision, strategic thinking, creativity and conflict resolution.

ID 385646

Miguel Flores

Founder @zabvio-com, CEO fo, business and entrepreneurship background, abundance evangelist.

ID 490089

Nancy Velázquez

Para mí eres Tú, y nadie más.

ID 515268

Angel Rueda

Founder Smart Bus • Worked at @grupo-salinas, @tr3sco • Studied at @instituto-politecnico-nacional

ID 541000


Founder Network Consulting • Studied at @universidad-francisco-marroquin

ID 363625

Fernando Velasco

Endlessly curious generalist. Perceivable impact is a must.

ID 513408

Ricardo Ortiz

Founder @no-distroti • Studied at @universidad-europea-de-madrid, @universidad-intercontinental

ID 762085

Tere Cremona

Founder at Uniko DF. Before that worked in digital marketing for global agencies such us DDB and Starcom Mediavest Group

ID 849293

John Garcia

Computer Scientist highly motivated to develop software solutions based on data science, data mining and machine learning.

ID 795278

Julio Amador

Data-scientist, Founder at Pollstr, PhD Economics, University of Essex, UK

ID 397402

Karen Stone

Founder @kms México • Worked at @nestle • Studied at @Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey

ID 478325

Jesus Jaquez Rueda

Entrepreneurial spirit, fast learner, adaptable. Love technology.

ID 543279

Eric Valdez

ID 798206

Joe Lopez Cuenca

ID 386542

Francisco Alvarez Blanco

Founder Get In • Worked at @endeavor-mexico • Studied at @university-anahuac

ID 273707

Hugo Hernández

ID 345536


ID 793760

Macario Ortega

ID 795245

Gamaliel Valencia Díaz

Founder Pronovatek • Founder OS-UPIITA • Worked at Freelancer • Studied at @instituto-politecnico-nacional

ID 386795

Andrés Tello Abrego

Php? Mysql? Finances? what about

ID 369240

Juan Albán

i love make things better (and even better)

ID 387543

Alejandro Espinosa

Founder @neurocrowd-1 • Studied at @instituto-tecnologico-y-de-estudios-superiores-de-monterrey, @universidad-la-salle

ID 391985

Alejandro Ávalos

Founder SMARTMED • Studied at @university-anahuac

ID 530687

Maximiliano Taladriz

ID 786035

William Strehl

ID 857578

Poettier Vázquez Smith

Strong concept thinking and user driven design, audiovisual specialist.

ID 558214

Alberto D. Sustiel

ID 197381

Carlos Leon

UX/UI designer with human factors focus & HCI, ergonomics approach who loves innovation

ID 481710

Gabriel Furlong

IPADE MBA, Business Development, worked for Sony 10+ yrs Mkt & Sales, currently project manager at mining contractor

ID 385124

Luis Gómez

Founder Alart • Worked at @secretaria-de-cultura-del-estado-de-jalisco, @museo-de-arte-moderno • Studied at @instituto-tecnologico-y-de-estudios-superiores-de-occidente

ID 525427

Alejandro Pardo

Business developer, manager

ID 809446

Marcos Alan González Schtulmann

Founder of GraphMe: Graphing Calculator. Worked at UNAM as a professor. Studied Master of Science in Mathematics at CIMAT. Strong mathematical background.

ID 322008

Adánowsky Galván González

ID 396718

Víctor Manuel Cosío Sánchez

Founder KMS México • Worked at @aztra-zeneca, @ctin-grupo-carso • Studied at @instituto-politecnico-nacional

ID 237820

Sebastian Prieto

Founder A las 3, @wfh

ID 656497

Erik Martinez Roqueñ

Consultor y arquitecto de software.

ID 549167

Mario López

Founder and CEO of Music Sound Lab • Studied at @universidad-del-valle-de-mexico, former staff selection processor at The Nielsen Company

ID 791468

Karmen Chavez

Founder ZEVACH

ID 326153

Josue Guillermo Araujo Mayorga

Currently working like System Administrator & Application Developer at Klink Mobile, Inc., Worked on Private & Public enterprises in México. FLOSS enthusiast & Specialist, Mentally restless, always seeking new knowledge and how to apply and transmit them.

ID 220176

Alejandro Franco Rojas

Ing. Sistemas de la ESCOM del IPN, desarrollador de software apasionado, interesado en computo móvil,diseño interactivo,desarrollo web y toda nueva tecnología

ID 386012

Edsel Serrano Montiel

Founder @zabvio-com Entrepreneur and Software Engineer with background (JavaEE, PHP)

ID 105250

Alejandro Guizar

Cofounder @billpocket-1 and @explora. IPADE and ITESM alumni.

ID 252685

Sinuhé Coronel S

CEO of Sharp Dynamics, actively helping startups with their initial kick. Software passionate with great knowledge of application development and lifecycle. I like pizza.

ID 388484

Juan Velasquez

ID 795861

Angel Gonzalez Mendez

CEO & Founder at Innovación en Ciencia & TI Core and MSc. and IT

ID 497652

Oscar Mauricio Villanueva

23 year old Mexican hot shot; Agent of change; Entrepreneur; Honorable mention in Mexmun and Congresmun; Founder of Carbotanium Design and Hundra Seven:7

ID 550550

Miguel Mendoza

Founder and CCO of @music-sound-lab • Studied at @universidad-del-valle-de-mexico

ID 250900

Alejandro Pimentel

Alejandro has worked with Java related technologies for 11 years. experience using: javascript, python, groovy, Dojo, jQuery, Ext JS, SpringSource portfolio.

ID 385972

Omar Márquez

Founder @zabvio-com • Studied at @instituto-politecnico-nacional

ID 795264

Ezequiel Gonzalez

Work in startups , abassi and infotec

ID 61767

Harumi Ueda

Co-Founder at Cocothink and Apprendiz.

ID 547192

Adriana Paredes

10+ años de experiencia en comunicación en marcas como Heineken, Santander, ITESM

ID 558222

Daniel Vásquez Paredes

Founder of Pokapok, business school, business life. Developer and sports enthusiast.

ID 792153

Gerardo González

Give me a job. #WorkForFree

ID 386102

Carlos Galvez Martinez

Founder Bongo Studios, Bongo Studios

ID 785744

aisha flores de ita

♚olvidate de todo,menos de ser feliz :3 #NSN

ID 367411

Luis Manjarrez

ID 549257

Alberto Castellanos

Studied at @universidad-la-salle · Experience in systems development and design . Founder NeuroCrowd

ID 795982

Ivan Balandrano

ID 541330

Henoc Díaz

CTO of @bitline. Student of Computer Systems Engineering. Code lover.

ID 464801

Karolina Kabala

Economic and industrial engineering diploma, project management experience, great communicational skills, fluent polish, spanish and english, interested in Lean

ID 761162

Edgar Garcia

iOS developer, developer of Magic Fields (wordpress plugin). Worked at Freshout, Astrata, Blend

ID 564793

Hector Andres Rodriguez Calzada

SAP designed and launch 3 app to solve business problems for Automotive Industry, Retail, and Risk Management.

ID 773008

Dorian Herrera

Web and Mobile developer with 6+ years of experience. Worked on projects for companies like Ford, AMIPCI, Ernst & Young and Banamex

ID 549468

Claudia Villaseñor

Founder @4mc-mexico, @digital-sales • Worked at @marco-marketing-consultants • Studied at @universidad-tecnologica-de-mexico

ID 355326

Oscar Iyañez

Founder @www-artesaniasenmexico-com

ID 771006

Jorge Gonzalez

Developer @crowdfunder. Currently into Laravel and AngularJS | Gamer: Poker - StarCraft - MTGO

ID 672902

Uriel Hdz

Works at @codigo-facilito as CTO and co owner.

ID 524015

Antonio Flores

Founder Cobra Online, S.A. de C.V. i love to create technology projects in many areas, my actual project is Sr.Pago a social commerce network

ID 496002

Ismael Alva

ID 532669

Alba Penayo

Proyecto: Linea de lenceria para damas a lanzar en Mexico

ID 492016

Amadeuz Lopez

Lived in CA, moved to Mexico to finish my studies. Hungry for Innovation and Original Ideas. Excellent public speaker.

ID 808596

david cohen saadia

Best person use photoshop and makinv videos and editing photos when i was in the high school. I love the photograpy and the life

ID 637116

Rodrigo Canseco

Founder to

ID 534488

Jimena Lozada

Creadora de @clipstory. Following my dreams. I love adventure.

ID 543306

David Lozano

Founder Contalisto • Worked at @fire-stone

ID 804321

César Millán

Founder: Induction Energy Systems

ID 815778

Maria Denisse Prado Dupont

ID 744647

Alex RoGz

ID 668031

Rigo Sandoval Uribe

ID 552592

Christopher Fuentes Arevalo

3d modeler, Architecture, Interior, Character Animation, Flash, Web, Html, Multimedia, Gmaes.

ID 665825

Antonio Uribe

Launched several games and apps for iOS and Android.

ID 515701

Jack Fiallos

Founder @qompit

ID 494856

Eduardo Parada

Start up Passionate. Internet Entrepreneur.

ID 529779

Lenin Alevski Huerta Arias

ID 752829

Bibiana Ramirezz

ID 655744

Yonatan Tzur

Founder of VisoMall • Woked at @ViralShops and @GeoExplorer.

ID 860388

Roberto García

ID 386043

Daniel García

ID 436597

Chloe Mason Gray

I'm a full-stack online marketer who helps spartups and small businesses grow online.

ID 385341

Luis Carlos González A.

Marketing Analyst and Consultant. Marketing Research. Turning data into actionable insights. Experience with product execution. Proven track record. ITESM.

ID 442300

Jose Alejandro Hernandez Rosales

Self-taught of heart and web developer

ID 377190

Horacio Bella

Mis días transcurren mientras diseño sitios de internet. Rosarino, @beew, dirigente de club, basquetbolista, ex estudiante de comunicación y no mucho más.

ID 373318

Carlos Adolfo Pérez Aguirre

ID 83585

Gabriel Kent least two good ideas before breakfast.

ID 388428


3d animator, digital artist, gamer and Autodesk Certified Instructor Maya 2012, Adobe Certified Expert.

ID 385899


Envío de mensajes de texto SMS masivos ideal para cobranza, notificaciones, publicidad, campañas políticas

ID 474655

Francisco Esquivel

Experienced LAMP/Web Developer, creating ecommerce solutions and CMS platforms using different frameworks. Also I've made FB apps and responsive sites.

ID 181822


Adelgazar ya rapido comiendo de forma saludable y practicando ejericios fisicos de forma moderada.

ID 106804

Chordy Neroth

ID 364612

James Toman

Advanced High-Information Content Marketing and Strategy, Association & Membership Strategy

ID 278919

Octavio Ruiz C

Yes, we code

ID 167766

Emilia Badaracco

ID 404180


“Nos mueve la ignorancia y servilismo en México” y cualquier burro puede ser presidente, entonces sí se puede.

ID 389231

Anibal Herrera

Graphic designer, entrepreneur and founder of @destroyer-designers-mexico

ID 256150

Esteban Coppel Gómez


Economist and Activist Investor, experienced retailer, banker and insurer. Supporter of the extended order of human cooperation.

ID 277497

Alfred Santiago

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