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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Mexico city.

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ID 539956

Servando Canales


Serial Entrepreneur, Founder @Intelihost, Co-Founder @coinbatch. Financial Innovation @GrupoSalinas. GSP14 @SingularityUniversity

ID 247452

[email protected]

Founder and CEO of Prefixa. Entrepreneur and Scientist. 3D and machine vision expertise.

ID 385153

Ramon Escobar

Co Founder at @survmetrics @innventu. Marketing, Business development and project management experience.

ID 115526

Juan Lopez Salaberry


Partner @500startups. Media entrepreneur, connector and advisor.

ID 301459

Bianca W. Loew

Founder and CEO of Life of Two, the maker of Twyxt, a mobile communication platform for couples. Previously founded and spearheaded the IAB in Mexico for 7 years developing the marketplace for online advertising.

ID 25433

Lluis Faus


CEO and Founder of @vlex, Gobal Legal Research Platform

ID 200581

Oz Garcia

Co-Founder POP Contacts, Phone+, and Chief Designer at Garage Coders

ID 48664

Roberto Serrano N

Entrepreneur, business advisor, interested in startups

ID 122361

Gabriela Sanchez

a DOer. Changing the life of latin woman.

ID 329402

Abraham Cornejo

@hostspot co-founder ,startup creative, internationally awarded in publicity and design UVM Communications, Grupo W Digital Invaders

ID 497926

Kate Hiscox


CEO @ Venzee. Serial entrepreneur with a passion for e-commerce. 6 startups, 4 exits, 1 fail. Left handed, loves football, high heels and salad cream on chips.

ID 27341

Felipe Barousse


Businessman,Entrepreneur,Information Systems Architect,Author,Keynote Speaker,Radio Host,Media Producer,Investor,Engineer,Tech Evangelist,Philanthropist

ID 91781

Oscar Rodriguez

Co-founder of, previous experience as management consultant and software developer. MBA/Computer Science degrees.

ID 82066

Alfredo Juarez

CEO of @cloudadmin-inc Passionate Software Developer and Serial Entrepreneur.

ID 65594

Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys


ID 293650

Javier Wasserman

I specialize in thinking. Web Developer. Geek. Love Nature. Freelance entrepreneur for 9 years, leadershiping teams in the digital marketing industry.

ID 99930

Román Castillo

Marketer. Designer. Entrepreneur. Founder: (2M users), (300K visitors/day, 1M users, sold). Clients: Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Bristol, PepsiCo.

ID 397877

Dulce Ambrocio Alazañes

Data analysis passionate!

ID 397888

Tenoch González

Founder @balam, Entrepreneur interested in complex systems, A.I., Big Data, analytics, and video games. Worked at Deloite, and Bosch Rexorth A.G. at Germany.

ID 307907

Ana Karen

Founder & CEO @epic-queen • Worked at @shoe-lovers, @itexico-llc @aivo @hipertextual • Studied at Tec de Monterrey • 500 Startups exalumni • UX/UI expert.

ID 352062

María Fernanda Gándara

Knowledge Manager @naranyaventures | @draper-university | @world-economic-forum Global Shapers | @one-young-world | Global Dignity.

ID 293409

Isaul Gomez Martinez

Founder & CEO @ Shopeando - International Marketing & Management @ University of Sussex; Worked @ Unilever, Bristol Myers, Mead Johnson, Smurfit Kappa & Mexican Customs

ID 385972

Omar Márquez

Founder @zabvio-com • Studied at @instituto-politecnico-nacional

ID 496002

Ismael Alva

ID 386795

Andrés Tello Abrego

Php? Mysql? Finances? what about

ID 396718

Víctor Manuel Cosío Sánchez

Founder KMS México • Worked at @aztra-zeneca, @ctin-grupo-carso • Studied at @instituto-politecnico-nacional

ID 386102

Carlos Galvez Martinez

Founder Bongo Studios, Bongo Studios

ID 105250

Alejandro Guizar

Cofounder @billpocket-1 and @explora. IPADE and ITESM alumni.

ID 391985

Alejandro Ávalos

Founder SMARTMED • Studied at @university-anahuac

ID 386542

Francisco Alvarez Blanco

Founder Get In • Worked at @endeavor-mexico • Studied at @university-anahuac

ID 804321

César Millán

Founder: Induction Energy Systems

ID 389231

Anibal Herrera

Graphic designer, entrepreneur and founder of @destroyer-designers-mexico

ID 386012

Edsel Serrano Montiel

Founder @zabvio-com Entrepreneur and Software Engineer with background (JavaEE, PHP)

ID 397402

Karen Stone

Founder @kms México • Worked at @nestle • Studied at @Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey

ID 524015

Antonio Flores

Founder Cobra Online, S.A. de C.V. i love to create technology projects in many areas, my actual project is Sr.Pago a social commerce network

ID 385646

Miguel Flores

Founder @zabvio-com, CEO fo, business and entrepreneurship background, abundance evangelist.

ID 151574

Eric Arturo Cordero Avila

Founder @lastroom

ID 324493

Rosalpina Wong RB

I studied political science. I love my country and im trying to make a difference

ID 83585

Gabriel Kent least two good ideas before breakfast.

ID 179643

Terry Woltman

Founder @bitcoinatm360 (Ignite Financing), adviser @coinbatch . Background in NetOps, project managment, budgeting, entrepreneurship.

ID 363662

Pamela Vargas

COO of PawHub. Developer, Entrepreneur, Android Developer Beginner, Web Developer Sr

ID 326015

Oscar Gonsenheim

Founder and CEO at G O N T A G. Creators of the Luft LTS.

ID 385124

Luis Gómez

Founder Alart • Worked at @secretaria-de-cultura-del-estado-de-jalisco, @museo-de-arte-moderno • Studied at @instituto-tecnologico-y-de-estudios-superiores-de-occidente

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