Mexico city Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Mexico city.

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ID 447747

Penelope Carlier

Ex consultant in retail with a specialty in customer experience and store digitalization

ID 385153

Ramon Escobar

Co Founder at @survmetrics @innventu. Marketing, Business development and project management experience.

ID 492016

Amadeuz Lopez

Lived in CA, moved to Mexico to finish my studies. Hungry for Innovation and Original Ideas. Excellent public speaker.

ID 494856

Eduardo Parada

Start up Passionate. Internet Entrepreneur.

ID 525427

Alejandro Pardo

Business developer, manager

ID 532669

Alba Penayo

Proyecto: Linea de lenceria para damas a lanzar en Mexico

ID 497652

Oscar Mauricio Villanueva

23 year old Mexican hot shot; Agent of change; Entrepreneur; Honorable mention in Mexmun and Congresmun; Founder of Carbotanium Design and Hundra Seven:7

ID 386542

Francisco Alvarez Blanco

Founder Get In • Worked at @endeavor-mexico • Studied at @university-anahuac

ID 418295

fernando oria

Sold and led projects with clients of many industries in local and global settings. Strong development of business relationships. Business development.

ID 564793

Hector Andres Rodriguez Calzada

SAP designed and launch 3 app to solve business problems for Automotive Industry, Retail, and Risk Management.

ID 558222

Daniel Vásquez Paredes

Founder of Pokapok, business school, business life. Developer and sports enthusiast.

ID 543306

David Lozano

Founder Contalisto • Worked at @fire-stone

ID 343372

Gerardo Sordo F

My job is to reach my dreams | Mexican Entrepreneur | CEO & Founder BrandMe crowdmarketing | Global Entrepreneur Finalist GSEA 2012 | G20yea delegate

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