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ID 307907

Ana Karen

Founder & CEO @epic-queen • Worked at @shoe-lovers, @itexico-llc @aivo @hipertextual • Studied at Tec de Monterrey • 500 Startups exalumni • UX/UI expert.

ID 447747

Penelope Carlier

Ex consultant in retail with a specialty in customer experience and store digitalization

ID 385341

Luis Carlos González A.

Marketing Analyst and Consultant. Marketing Research. Turning data into actionable insights. Experience with product execution. Proven track record. ITESM.

ID 494856

Eduardo Parada

Start up Passionate. Internet Entrepreneur.

ID 543306

David Lozano

Founder Contalisto • Worked at @fire-stone

ID 314528

Olivier Scialom

Will get to this in a minute

ID 404180


“Nos mueve la ignorancia y servilismo en México” y cualquier burro puede ser presidente, entonces sí se puede.

ID 99930

Román Castillo

Marketer. Designer. Entrepreneur. Founder: (2M users), (300K visitors/day, 1M users, sold). Clients: Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Bristol, PepsiCo.

ID 369240

Juan Albán

i love make things better (and even better)

ID 524015

Antonio Flores

Founder Cobra Online, S.A. de C.V. i love to create technology projects in many areas, my actual project is Sr.Pago a social commerce network

ID 181822


Adelgazar ya rapido comiendo de forma saludable y practicando ejericios fisicos de forma moderada.

ID 481710

Gabriel Furlong

IPADE MBA, Business Development, worked for Sony 10+ yrs Mkt & Sales, currently project manager at mining contractor

ID 497652

Oscar Mauricio Villanueva

23 year old Mexican hot shot; Agent of change; Entrepreneur; Honorable mention in Mexmun and Congresmun; Founder of Carbotanium Design and Hundra Seven:7

ID 464801

Karolina Kabala

Economic and industrial engineering diploma, project management experience, great communicational skills, fluent polish, spanish and english, interested in Lean

ID 237820

Sebastian Prieto

Founder A las 3, @wfh

ID 343372

Gerardo Sordo F

My job is to reach my dreams | Mexican Entrepreneur | CEO & Founder BrandMe crowdmarketing | Global Entrepreneur Finalist GSEA 2012 | G20yea delegate

ID 305293

Isaac Phillips

I work with brands, startups, enterprises, and telcos -- often focused on mobile media and digital intelligence.

ID 525427

Alejandro Pardo

Business developer, manager

ID 436597

Chloe Mason Gray

I'm a full-stack online marketer who helps spartups and small businesses grow online.

ID 364612

James Toman

Advanced High-Information Content Marketing and Strategy, Association & Membership Strategy

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